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Venue Information

AGES 21+

  • All guests of Bart Lounge MUST present valid ID upon entering the venue. No one under the age of 21 permitted, no exceptions.
  • Please wear clothes when you come to Bart Lounge. Casual, summer, bizarre is all cool with us as long as everything is covered. Please do not come shirtless, or without shoes. No gang or club affiliation clothing is allowed.
  • Smoking is permitted on the patios only. Vaping is also permitted on the patios, but not inside the venue. Cigars are permitted on a case by case basis.
  • You may bring your own food inside the venue as long as its consumed on the patios. Drinks may not be brought into the venue, including water. Water is available for free from the bar.
  • Games are free to play, except for the Simpson & Street Fighter Arcades, and game competitions where a prize is awarded. Consumption of alcohol is not required to play games or participate in competitions.
  • Management reserves the right to not serve, or restrict access if management believes that a guest is intoxicated, impaired or otherwise poses a danger to other patrons, or the quiet enjoyment of the venue.